Our Story


HPS was created to meet the high demand in the US for quality national hospitality product suppliers in the fast pace industry of hotel renovation. We recognized a great need to better service the hotel industries’ Owners, Developers, and Designers with a direct solution for buying ALL of their bathroom fixtures. We also see the growing demand for a true account and material management company, providing solutions at all the key points of the hotel renovation or new construction project. We built our company with all this in mind and leveraged the solid reputation and backing of Hirsch Pipe & Supply Co. Inc., a family owned business established in 1933 and headquartered in Van Nuys, Ca. Together, we ensure partnerships with all the major bath fixture manufacturers along with the expertise, infrastructure, and support where needed. With a combined 40 years of hotel project outside sales expertise and a solid inside support team, HPS has what it takes to provide you with best products and service while ensuring the most effective value sales propositions.


HPS is a complete solution for any and all hotel bathroom fixtures sold directly to the US hotel renovation market. We are a partner to all channels, from designing and creating specifications to the final purchasing and delivery of your project. We recognized in today’s hotel industry there are very few companies that offer a complete solution, nor embrace being a true transparent partner to all channels and influencers. HPS is a reliable source to the complex procurement process of all bath products. Franchise Owners & Developers along with Purchasing & Procurement Companies are looking for buying SOLUTIONS rather than being held hostage to supplier agendas when it comes to their bathroom fixtures. HPS recognizes this and is a partner to them that can manage and pull through the best value. Our model allows the Top Owners/Developers as well as Owners Agents to have the control they want when creating a fixture brand specification. We are not only the “Owner’s Agent” but a “Relationship Supplier” to their channel influencers to ensure a smooth and seamless hotel project experience. We are prepared to handle bath product design, help create specifications, manage channel partners and procurement, coordinate logistics and supply chain, provide service and warranty support, and a host of other services for a complete hotel renovation solution.